Your visiting experience

What we ask when you visit the venue

When visiting the venue:

General behaviour: We hope that everyone enjoys their visit to our venue.  Please remember to respect other users of the building and be mindful of noise and chatter when in the auditorium or arena during performances. 

The Venue will not tolerate any aggression or abusive language to any members of our team, and the Duty Manager reserves the right to ask such customers to leave, and reserves the right to take future action or sanctions as appropriate.

Latecomers:  Once a performance has started latecomers will only be admitted to the auditorium at the discretion of the Duty Manager.

No-smoking:   Please note that The Lights is a non-smoking venue, including the use of e-cigarettes/vapes.

Dancing:  Dancing is permitted at the discretion of the visiting act and the Duty Manager.  For live music shows there may be people dancing in their seats and at the sides of the front of stage during some performances.  We would ask all people to be respectful of other ticket holders, and not to invade their space or impede their views.

Food and drink: Only food and drink purchased at the venue may be consumed in the venue.  No glasses or glass bottles are allowed in the auditorium, and the management reserve the right to confiscate these if they are found.

Mobile phones and filming:  Unless otherwise specified by the artist or Duty Manager prior to a show no photography or filming of events is permitted.  Please switch off all phones before a performance.

For more information about using the venue and our general terms please read the 'General Terms and Conditions' document attached to the right of this page.